Event Staffing

Since 2005 AASE has provided conventions and conferences with staffing to aid in attendee badge distribution, information desk, greeters, badge checkers, room monitors, flyer and pamphlet handouts and access control.

Now with the changes in protocols for health screenings and guest checking, AASE is once again at the forefront having just completed the first event back at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. Through careful and thought out planning we were instrumental in the development of an Anti-COVID-19 spreading program that helped ensure the safety of thousands of young athletes, coaches and chaperones who participated. AASE and its medical partners carried out a process that checked all who entered, socially distanced all inside and safe exited those who came to the center, and all done with no issues and more importantly no reported cases of illness!

We at AASE can do the same for you.

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Crowd Control and Direction

AASE has the experience and knowledge to make your attendee experience a good one. Large groups of people can be successfully directed into and out of the venue safely and our experts are here to assist.

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Freight and Crowd Scanning

In the Post 9/11 world we have to be conscious of the environment around us, more than ever and AASE and its partner service companies are not only aware but prepared to act on your behalf.

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A Safe and Secure Gathering is our Mission

Since 2005 AASE - All American Staffing Events has always maintained a client centered approach to its service. AASE strives to provide you with excellent customer service by extra initiative in melding in with your "show or event management" team as another department and not just a vendor. Our owners and managers work as many of our events as possible to ensure our levels of service are always at our highest standard.

We are always either on site or at the other end of a direct phone call. Our competitors can't make those claims and that is what sets AASE apart!

For the latest information on the health protocols of the Orange County (FL) Convention Center please use the link below:



Guarding the Flag

Next Steps...

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