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Tempurature Scanning

AASE has the staff to affect the environment and safety of your event. We can offer you the peace of mind that your Exhibitors and Attendees with personnel to perform the Temperature Scanning required by most events. Each guest will have their temperature taken upon entry. Those whose temperature exceeds the acceptable range set forth by the Show Management will be asked to leave the event area and seek further medical examination to determine they are not infectious to others.

AASE is committed to the health and safety of our events and community.

An AASE Event Consultant will work with you to develop the protocols and we are also able to arrange for EMT and other Medical Staffing if requested.



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Social Distancing / Crowd Control and Direction

AASE has since 2005 managed some of the largest attended event in the greater Orlando area.

Now in the midst of this health crisis and the introduction of extra health measures following the COVID-19 outbreak, AASE management and staff have partnered our medical affiliates offering Temperature Screenings and checks before allowing folks to participate.

At the Orange County Convention Center we have the bragging rights to the largest event there with the AAU Volleyball Championships with an attendance of over 90,000 spectators and athletes over the course of a week. It's even certified by Guinness Book as the largest indoor under a single structure Girls Volleyball Tournament in the World each year running since 2010 and AASE has been there each year!

This year in 2020 we had a successful event with greatly reduced crowds but nonetheless still attended sports and streamed all of the action on the streaming servers.

AASE and its partners are more than capable and able to offer these services and to help you put on a safe, secure and healthy event.

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Freight and Crowd Scanning

AASE and its affiliates are able to offer services beyond what the others offer. We have K9 Teams that use Vapor Detection dogs that are trained to smell residue from explosives and other contraband by non-aggressive breeds that are social enough to walk through your crowds and scan people, bags and cases with nobody realizing that the dog is "working" and still has time to say hello.

AASE also has Magnetometers as walk-through gateways into the exhibit hall or ballroom that can be erected at your entry points and key areas as added protection.



AASE has a proven track record of value and service to it's event clients since 2005. We are not some big multi-state conglomerate, we are the largest "mom & pop" you'll find in Central Florida. When you speak to us, you are speaking to the owners and not a manager hired to make sales goals and move on to the next event with no worry as to how it was perceived and to its success. AASE is different in the fact we want you as a long term relationship as your local staff in Orlando.

Events Large or Small

AASE promises that whether your event is for a few dozen or thousands of attendees we will offer the same level of commitment to ensuring that we have provided you with the best services we can.

Our commitment is to you and the your event's success is also our success as a partner in the attendee/guest experience and that you'll return year after year and engage us again to continue in the growth of your event and to experience our consistency of service and commitment.

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