Over the years AASE Management has identified a common set of questions that many new or potential clients who are selecting an Event Staff company tend to ask. Below are examples and the responses to help you in making your determinations.

When was AASE founded?

In 2005 is the founded answer, we opened as AS Events with our founder Tino McKamey.

In 2010 Kevin Jordan joined the firm as VP and Operations Manager. In 2014 Tino decided that he wanted to take a step back and semi-retire from the day to day operations.

In January 2015, Kevin Jordan became the new President and owner of the renamed AASE Event Solutions company with Melissa Jordan taking the role of VP and Operations Manager and Tino took on the role of CFO overseeing the finances of company and compliance matters.

Together they have grown the company and seen successes with its outlook. In 2018 supplied staff to more events in a single year since its founding and continues to look to further growth in and out of Florida.

Do you perform background checks on your employees?

Yes, we perform checks on our staff with employment verification and also over 98% of our staff hold a Class D Security Officer License that to achieve requires that the State of Florida perform a background and FBI Fingerprint verification. Since our owners own a security agency and some of our staff are investigators we go the extra effort to ensure that we have a great staff!

Do you have customer service?

Of course, our whole business format is based on customer service! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365 during your event.

There will always be a rep available to you at the event venue and contact information is provided to you so you can reach out.