Our Approach

AASE takes a local approach to our management of secure staffing and other services that we offer to our convention and conference clientele.

We are not some big conglomerate company with hundreds of offices that treat your event like any other with cookie-cutter formats and a management team only interested in their quarterly revenues versus the success of your event and the experience of your attendees.

We know that the AASE staff are sometimes the ONLY show management representatives some attendees may encounter and or interact with during their visit to your event and the convention center or hotel venue. AASE management makes it their mission to have our staff represent you and the venue in the most positive light.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and ours was back in 2005 when the Orlando area and the Orange County Convention Center and surrounding hotel venues were growing and attracting visitors from around the world to Central Florida because of our theme parks and our attractions.

Our company was formed to provide a safe environment with welcoming greeters and informed staff to direct your attendees to various areas of the venue and to the area attractions to add enjoyment to their visit.

Meet the Team

Locally owned and not some mega-corp AASE becomes personally invested in the way we treat your event, the same way we run the company, like family!

KBJ Grey Suit

Kevin Jordan



Certified Crowd Manager


AASE President since 2015 when Kevin & Melissa purchased the company from its founder Tino McKamey. They have continued to grow the company and to maintain its high standards of client centered philosophy of becoming an extension of the show's management rather than just a vendor.


Melissa Portrait

Melissa Jordan



General Manager

Melissa brings her expertise in human logistics and scheduling to the forefront with assembling a staffing team to take the various positions and responsibilities involved with staffing a convention or conference. Additionally she often runs the on site command-post or office to ensure that all things run as smoothly as possible.

Kayla Portrait

Kayla Jordan

Guest Services Coordinator


Kayla has been with the company for years and understands the attendee experience is the key to a good conference. Kayla coordinates with clients and other staff to ensure that the show's objectives and the staff's understanding are met. Kayla can be found interacting with attendees and making sure they are enjoying the event.

Team Continued

Jim Sidor (2)

Jim "The Commander" Sidor

Event Lead

Jim picked up the nickname "The Commander" early on with AASE because he stays informed and oversees the assignments and activities of his shift. Jim interacts with the client management and the AASE staff ensuring that the Show's wishes and instructions are carried out.

Jim also seems to know where the best food at the event is located.

Neal Kaplan (2)

Neal Kaplan

Event Lead

Neal is an educator and instructor. He has taught in the school system as well as an instructor at Walt Disney World in their security academy. Neal still holds his Security Instructor Licenses and has worked at our affiliate security academy as well. Neal is always interested in making sure the staff is not only doing their job but teaches them why they are doing the assignment so they see the importance of doing it correctly.

To Reach Us.....

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If we are busy on another line, simply leave a message and we will get back with you quickly.